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On the Job Training: A Critical Skill

Job Experience

In the current state of the world the job market is more competitive than ever. Many companies have had to implement hiring freezes or even let employees go. With so few available positions, the job market is truly a jungle. Thus, it is critical to make your resume stand out from the crowd. But how do you do that? One way is with on the job training. Although any extra training can look impressive on a resume, on the job training demonstrates real skills that employers are looking for. On the job training shows that you are both a coachable and hard working employee. You can also acquire skills that you would not have gotten simply from attending classes via on the job training. In this article we will dive into what exactly on the job training is and why it makes you a more desirable employee. 

What is on-the-Job Training?

Simply put, on the job training is a hands-on teaching method in which the skills and knowledge necessary for performing a job are demonstrated in real time. The employee who is being trained gets to learn about the job that they are performing from an experienced peer or mentor. The goal of this type of training is to both teach the employee the basic skills of their job and to acclimate them to a workplace environment. 


Why is it helpful?

Essentially, on the job training gives work experience that you cannot get anywhere else. In this environment employees gain practice in accomplishing the skills that are required to perform their daily tasks. This fast-paced skill development gives the person being trained the opportunity to adapt to a working environment, gain knowledge in skills and tools that are not found in a classroom setting. Moreover, on the job training provides development in skills outside of the job such as in interpersonal communication. Working with others is an invaluable skill that is sure to impress future employers.

Custom Learning Experiences

Another benefit of on the job training is that it provides a truly customized learning environment. Imagine a classroom where there are only 5 other students maximum. The pace of the curriculum would be based on how quickly you pick up the materials. Struggling a bit with a specific subject? You can slow down and really dive into it. Pick something up incredibly easy? Perfect, no need to waste anymore time going over it. This is exactly the type of customization that is available in on the job training. The employee gets to set the pace based on how quickly they adapt to the environment. It also provides the flexibility necessary to adapt to new and innovative technologies right as they are coming into the forefront of the industry. This allows for effective learning and a more productive workforce. 

Feedback Feedback Feedback

One of my favorite benefits of on the job training is the immediate feedback on everything. Part of having a mentor within your workplace means that you are always in communication. It is easy to see what you are doing well and where there is room for improving from this constant communication. This stream of feedback means much faster rates of improvement no matter what the job may be. 

Especially when you are first starting out there is a steep learning curve to overcome. Luckily, on the job training emphasizes doing rather than watching or listening. Jumping straight in means putting everything that you are taught into practice right away. This helps you to develop good habits and kick bad ones before they even start. 

Main Takeaways

In case you are the kind of person who skims articles I have put together some of the key points for you.


  • On the job training helps you to stand out from other applicants on your resume.


Having job-specific knowledge and exposure can put you head and shoulders above other people who are applying for the same position. There is a lot to be said about the weight that experience can carry


  • It helps you develop new skills quickly


This type of training gives a person the opportunity to really dig into the work. Honestly, you will never know how skilled you are at a job until you actually try to do it. Luckily, on the job training takes you from wherever you start out and helps you to improve your skills as quickly as you are able.


  • This type of training signals to employers that you are an excellent employee.


It is not enough to just be able to do a job and do it well. At this point you need to have skills and have the ability to develop yourself beyond those skills. Having on the job training demonstrates that you both have skills and are capable of taking coaching to improve your skills. This is a desirable trait in an employee and will make you a highly sought after team member. 


Finally, if you are interested in on the job training but do not know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Jonajo has a special on the job training program specifically designed to help bright and talented people excel in their chosen field. Check it out for yourself!

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