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Costco endorses Virtual Assistants!

Costco endorses virtual assistants

The Costco Connection features Virtual Assistants

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few more hours in your day to start your next business venture, spend more time with your family, go to the gym or all of the above? Do you feel like you could increase your productivity by delegating mundane tasks to an assistant but are hesitant about hiring an employee? Virtual Assistants are here to the rescue and doing business with them has yielded such great results that retail chain Costco recently endorsed working with them! Find out what Costco has to say about VAs in their magazine The Costco Connection (April 2018, Volume 33, Number 4):

“Virtual Assistants (VAs) aren’t as complex or as expensive as they sound. In fact, you may already be using one or more through apps such as Lyft and TaskRabbit. You can also work with an assistant directly to help with specific business tasks. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s a virtual assistant? He or she is a remote contractor who helps an aspect of your business. A VA may help you book events, organize your work calendar or manage your email correspondence. A VA is usually hired part-time and paid by the hour, though some focus on just one client full time. He or she can be in another  country or continent.

How do I know if I need one? There are two common reasons. First, your business has grown to the point where you need an extra set of hands to handle more administrative tasks. In this case, a VA may serve as a bridge until you need to hire someone permanently, though some assistants work with the same clients for years.

Second, you are spending too much time on basic activities and not enough time on the vision of your business. With a VA, you can off-load work so you can focus on the bug picture of your business.

How much does a VA cost? Expect to pay $15 to $20 hour for this service.

How do I find one? There are many services that verify, organize and categorize virtual assistance. Popular companies like Zirtual ( and Upwork ( are one-stop shops for VAs.

You can also find them through bulletin boards like Craigslist ( and Fiverr (

How do I find the right one for me? It depends on a few factors. Consider the length of work you need – e.g., one project versus a long-term assignment. Also, think about the amount of communication you need, as you may prefer someone in the same time zone.

Lastly, know your budget before you start looking, as VA pricing can add up quickly, particularly if you don’t have a plan. But ig used strategically, a VA is well worth the expense.”

Connect with the best Virtual Assistants at competitive rates

At Jonajo Consulting, we have assistants who are working virtually in US timezones.  Virtual Assistants Today  connects clients with in-house trained assistants depending on the specific needs and tasks to perform. VAToday (another name for Virtual Assistants Today)  offers three different plans that offer a set of hours of assistant work plus phone calls. In case you need more or less hours than the ones offered in the plan, VAToday can also tailor a plan just for you.

Virtual Assistance On Demand!

If you are in a time crunch, and need help right away, consider VA NOW! The company recently launched VA NOW which offer assistance on demand, meaning that you pay per minute and only the time you use.

On top of connecting clients with great virtual assistants, VAToday offer competitive rates ($9.60 and up). This company can also connect you with Sales Assistants that provide full customer service, submit leads and manage bids for you.

Time is a valuable asset. Make sure you make the most of your day by working with Virtual Assistants Today!

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